Men's Sideswipe - Fire

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Premium Ultra soft Cotton and Spandex blend for comfort, softness and durability. Cut and designed with a fitted slim look over the shoulders back and arms to accentuate your physique and relaxes over your midsection.  Side/cut V neck for style and personality. Performance materials to pull sweat away from your body as you workout keeping you dry and comfortable. 


  • Side/cut V neck for unique style and personality 
  • Slim fit for comfort and style
  • Tapered in under the lats to compliment your physique 
  • Releases again under the lats to compliment your shape 
  • IRONBORN logo press printed on front and back


  • Cotton and spandex blend for performance and comfort
  • Machine wash cold water inside out
  • Hang dry
  • 95% Cotton 5% Spandex blend

Model is 5'11" -185lbs and wearing a M